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Sunday, 03 October 2021 02:29

The Black Knight Satellite

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Is it real?

Black Eyed Seraph gives the Black Knight Satellite center stage and multiple uses. Most conspiracy theorists consider it to be ancient technology, so I put it in the ancient era numerous times. It may or may not be Ezekiel's Wheel, but the size and shape seem to fit. Remember, people in biblical times had nothing to reference flying machines to, so they described things the best they could. I also gave the satellite some special powers: i.e. a manna machine (something had to churn it out), the Red Sea divider, and of course the Anunnakan gold transport. But what is it really? When Tesla first created the radio reciever (yes, Tesla created it, not Marconi) he received a "message" and many feel the source was the Black Knight. It was first observed in the 1950's and has been photographed numerous times. For my story I had the satellite basically stationary in geosynchronous "orbit" below the south pole, but several theorists believe it to orbit the Earth from pole to pole. It is my contention that the government knows exactly what the Black Knight Satellite is, and exactly where the Black Knight Satellite is.

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