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Sunday, 03 October 2021 01:29

Montauk Air Force Base/Camp Hero

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Who were the Montauk Boys?

Black Eyed Seraph spends quite a bit of time at the the Montauk Air Force Base, the home of Camp Hero. But what did they actually do at Camp Hero? And who were the Montauk Boys? While Hollis Carrington is a truly fictional person, there certainly was a "man in charge" at the camp. Most conspiracy theorists belive Camp Hero to be the black budget "ground Zero" for government tests in the areas of time travel (Philadelphia Experiment), mind control (MK Ultra), teleportation, contact with alien life and even staging the faked Apollo Moon landings. Preston Nichols, a man who claimed to be present at the camp for many years, has written several books on the subject. And the Montauk Boys? I feel Black Eyed Seraph correctly conveys the horrors afflicted upon helpless boys, like Rowland and Noah, against their will. By many accounts, even Nichols himself, the camp was even destroyed by a "monster" and then sealed under tons of concrete by the government. This is one conspiracy theory we will likely never know the whole truth about.

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