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Sunday, 19 September 2021 10:55

What are Black Eyed Kids?

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What are Black Eyed Kids?

So...What exactly are Black Eyed Kids? There are numerous documented cases of people encountering BEK's, and Black Eyed Seraph employs many of the traits these kids have. The first, and definitely creepiest, trait is that these kids' eyes are completely and totally black. The reason for this is unknown, but interdimensional travel is as good of a reason as any...more on that later. Another trait is that they often ask permission to enter the victim's home, car, etc. and they are adamant. To my knowledge no one has let them in. They also often claim to be hungry, and they ask for for entrance to one's home so they can be fed. The strangest trait is their odor, which has been decribed the foulest stench these victims have ever encountered. Finally, these kids seem to disappear into thin air once their request for admittance and nourishment has been rebuffed by a slamming door. Many victims say they turn away for an instant, or look out the window, and they have vanished. Interdimensional beings? Your guess is as good as mine!

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